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Will my child be ready for school in September?

My child is going to school in September and I am worried he/she won’t be ready . I am unsure what extra things I should be doing with my child whilst the nursery is closed?

This is a question we are being asked a lot at the minute. We would encourage you not to be anxious about this as your child will sense this. It is as important when supporting your child at home as it is when they are at nursery that we try and make learning fun. Children learn best when they are having fun and enjoying what they are doing.

Preparation for school is not just about building math’s and literacy skills, which is what we often think about. School readiness is about being confident, praise your children for deeds well done. Being able to express themselves is important. Talk a lot with your child and encourage them to respond and talk to you, listening to what they say and extending the conversation.

Being able to dress and undress yourself and toilet yourself are other key skills needed for going to school. These are things that you can practice at home together in this time away from nursery. Teach your child how to do and undo buttons and zip a zip.

Children will be expected to follow instructions when they go to school so practice following single sets of instructions followed by two in a row once they have mastered this

Building vocabulary, learning to sing new songs, developing a love of literacy are all important too. Reading and looking at books together and talking about them and making time to do this will benefit your child

School readiness includes being curious and asking questions, being interested in the world around you and what is happening, such as changes in weather, watching and talking about Spring and watching the changes in nature.

So, what can we do to help?

  • We will post some more articles on our blog page over the coming weeks focusing on some of these areas to help with ideas.
  • We are posting daily activities for our Under and Over twos groups on this website under the headings

Resources- Home Learning- and in amongst these activities we have started a series of activities to promote Mathematical development for 3+s and we will be introducing activities to cover Literacy and other areas too. The aim of these activities is to continue the learning activities and experiences that we would be providing in nursery if we were open.

Children’s learning is a series of steps Each step requires the knowledge and skill built on the previous step as well as other influences. You can’t start at the top step; you have to start at the bottom step and build foundation knowledge and skill to advance to the next step. Children often have to practice activities at one level more than once and in different ways to build competence at that level before they can move to the next step.

Each activity that is posted will have some guidance of language to use and will be made up of a series of learning experiences which can be carried out over days or weeks building skill and competence. It is important to keep repeating activities perhaps using different implements or materials so for example when building understanding of capacity, the activities can be done using water or sand or polenta for example. You can use plastic bottles, plastic cups or other containers so encouraging your child to think about capacity in different ways so that your child is experience the activity in different ways and coming to understand that the concept of full applies to bottles, cups, jars etc. and a bottle full of sand looks the same as a bottle full of water- filled to the brim.

The time you spend on each activity will depend on your child’s interest in the activity and concentration skills. Always try and ensure your child is not hungry or tired when starting an activity and that you are both relaxed and willing participants. If your child loses interests move on to doing something else and then return to the activity on another day drawing your child into the activity with something that really interests then so for example if your child is interested in dolls, try and include doll play into the activity.

Above all have fun with your child

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