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Family Maths Toolkit

Family Maths Toolkit

We all use maths every day, often without realising it. Helping your child feel confident about maths at home gives them a head start with their learning at school or nursery.

The UK charity National Numeracy has put together a website to help families enjoy learning maths together. The Family Maths Toolkit features useful advice, resources and information that have all been reviewed and carefully selected by the charity’s experts.  The site also offers resources to help teachers support family engagement with children’s maths learning.

As a parent or carer, you give your child their first experiences with maths. Even if you don’t feel confident with maths, you can still make a huge difference to how your child’s confidence and ability with numbers develops. Below are National Numeracy’s top tips for parents and families:

Be positive about maths. Don’t say things like “I can’t do maths” or “I hated maths at school”; your child might start to think like that themselves.

Point out the maths in everyday life. Include your child in activities involving maths such as using money, cooking and travelling.

Praise your child for effort rather than talent – this shows them that by working hard they can always improve.

Many adults feel very anxious about maths and try to avoid using it. These factors affect not only the adult’s life chances, but can affect their children’s too, so we have one extra top tip for parents or carers who want to help their children with maths:

If you struggle with maths yourself – try National Numeracy’s free online tool the National Numeracy Challenge to improve your everyday maths skills.

For more information on how you can help your children learn, take a look at the Family Maths Toolkit. As well as advice for families there are also lots of activity ideas to help children of different ages explore the maths in everyday life.

For parents of children aged 5 and under, there are tips and links to resources to help children begin to:

  • learn about basic measurement, shapes, spaces, positions, numbers, order and patterns
  • understand the sequence of numbers
  • understand positional words, such as in, on, outside and under
  • develop an awareness of time
  • learn number rhymes and songs.

Visit the Family Maths Toolkit website to find out more about supporting your child’s maths learning.

About National Numeracy

National Numeracy is an independent charity that works to improve numeracy, or ‘everyday maths’, in adults and children in the UK. We aim to challenge negative attitudes, influence public policy and offer practical ways of helping adults and children improve their numeracy.

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