Don’t just take our word for it, watch our video and have a read through some of the amazing reviews given by some of our happy parents at our Nursery in The West Finchley Nursery & Preschool.



“Very happy with The West Finchley Nursery. Excellent in most aspects. Standing out most of all is the quality of staff; I can’t rate them highly enough – friendly, professional and engaging with children and parents alike.”

– Rob B (Father of child)

“This is the 21st century’s nursery that was purpose-built, it is the best in the area and all in all not that expensive. I like, 1. Chef on-site 2. Many events for existing and new parents 3. A medium-sized garden 4. Finger scan secured door 5.

Dedicated arts and music teachers 6. Extracurricular activities like French, Yoga, Sports, Ballet on top of the music and art. 7. Some of the staff are dedicated and the principal is amazing.”

–  KM Mother of child

“We could not be happier. My daughter is excited to attend nursery every morning, and I know that she is well looked after. I would highly recommend this nursery!”

–  Jessica W Mother of child

“I can not recommend this nursery enough. After having to remove our daughter from another local nursery, due to a number of concerns, the staff here have been so supportive of transitioning my daughter to the nursery. She is two and a half years old, and they have been so attentive and supportive to

her needs as well as helping to alleviate my worries as a parent. The staff are fully engaged in providing high-quality care to the children, the facilities, and breadth of activities provided are excellent. Food, in particular, is of a great standard. The management is totally on top of things, they run a tight ship and are really friendly and approachable. They also organise lots of family activities etc.
Moving our daughter here was definitely the right decision, there is simply no comparison with our old nursery.”

–  KB Mother of Child

“Our daughter loves all the different activities at the nursery, especially art, music, science and sports (particularly cricket). She enjoys bringing home paintings and masks she has made in her different lessons. We like the layout of the nursery because the children get the sense that they are doing different things in different rooms.”

– Ian Jones and Catherine Jordan

“Hello there, it was show and tell at our little boy’s nursery today, we took his guitar in so he could strum it and sing a song. Although we had to go to work we were determined not to miss it, so we watched him perform by the magic of the nursery cameras !”

– Jane Gleada

“Our first impression of this tucked away little secret nursery was how exclusive it appeared to be. A contemporary new building, tastefully built with lots of glass. You walked in and you were immediately hit by the massive amount of natural light, it looks clean, it smells clean and it is clean – these are huge points for parents. The curriculum is equally impressive, our daughter is clearly learning when she is at the nursery, and she is not just being looked after, well fed and watered until mum and dad return from work. I know this because she has grown up so much in the 4 months she has been there. And then also, I can’t remember the last time she went to bed at 7pm!!! She does now because she’s so tired.”

– Jon Wessendorff

“Finally, just a note to say that it is obvious to both my wife and me how much our child enjoys his time with you at Nursery (even though he may grumble occasionally when dropped off…), and further obvious to us how much our child takes from his time with you, both in terms of social and educational benefit. The staff at the nursery clearly enjoy and take pride in their work, and both the facilities and your staff are a credit to you and your organization.”

– David Lytton

“As a parent I am very impressed with the general approach to child development and care that nursery has implemented, and I know my daughter enjoys it as she runs up the path, waves us off and never sheds a tear! Nursery has embraced my daughter’s special needs and I think has also learned and developed their own expertise at the same time. Our child was diagnosed as profoundly deaf at 12 weeks of age and was fitted with a cochlear implant at 14 months. Nursery has made every effort to give my daughter the additional help and assistance that she requires, this involves signing and adjusting their practice to meet her needs. As a parent of a deaf child, all you can ask is that she be treated in the same way as all the other children, but that her specialist individual needs are taken into account at the same time. Nursery has definitely achieved this goal and as a result our child has continued to thrive.”

– Philippa Wright

“The design of nursery and the facilities was a key determinant in our decision to send our daughter to his nursery. We looked at many nurseries and felt that you had put real thought and care into designing a stimulating and enjoyable environment for the babies. It also felt like a design that would be practical and simple for the staff to work in, enabling them to have more time to spend caring for the babies. The areas that impressed us most were: the amount of natural light and natural ventilation in the babies room; the separate bedroom for the babies to sleep undisturbed in their own cots was unique; the sensory room which my daughter seems to really love; and the cafe area where all ages eat together learning to enjoy food and social interaction. I genuinely believe that the combination of great building design and real dedication from the nursery team have helped my very young daughter settle quickly and enjoy her time at Nursery”

– Rachel Howarth

“My daughter has attended Nursery in the past and settled really well. I was extremely happy with our decision to put her into the nursery: it was a fabulous place with lots of activities, highly competent staff and lovely, clean facilities. The building was modern and new and kept immaculately clean. Security benefits like CCTV with cameras in every room gives you complete confidence about their security. Shatterproof glass in the windows is also a big plus for obvious reasons. The fact that there was a nice outdoor space with slides and bikes is also ideal, as its important to me that she gets fresh air and runs around outside whenever the weather permits. Nursery was very well staffed with a ratio that exceeds government requirements throughout, and their attitude is caring and very gentle, although disciplinarian when necessary. It is clear they recruit high caliber people who are experienced in childcare. Their biggest benefit the nursery is the activities on offer and the fact that they are more than just a nice babysitting service: they encourage children to get involved with and develop an interest in music, art, sports, books and learning. It’s not a pushy environment for parents determined to ‘hothouse’ their kids even before they’ve begun school – it’s just a great place to expose them to different interests while knowing that they’re safe and well looked after. It costs a lot – but I genuinely feel that it’s also the best childcare on offer.”

– Zoe Ornstein

“I just wanted to let you know how happy we were that our girl attended your nursery. She loved her time there, her face was a picture of happiness and the amount that she learned there was obvious to us at home, from words, play, confidence and social skills. We really appreciate all the effort and planning you put into making their days so busy as well as making learning so much fun. I loved watching her on the webcam and find it so reassuring to see her being kept so busy and I had quite a giggle when I saw her attempting hula hooping or standing under a beautiful coloured parachute silk as your carers billowed it up and down over her to music!! It took a great deal of guilt from not being with her, away as I am at work. I also really appreciated all the newsletters as they were a great way of communicating to the parents how we could build on things that they were learning with you. The enthusiasm and energy of your staff was really catching and they were all a great asset to you and I am glad to have our big girl spend 2 fun packed and educational days a week with them. Just thought you ought to know how much you were appreciated!”

– Anouki and Rick Brownlow

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