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The Early Year and Discovery Studio

Enter the Early Years and Discovery studio and you will find children engaged in meaningful activity in small groups or individually. We want children to have fun in this room and to be enticed by interesting activities which stimulate and challenge them and create a desire to learn. All of the adult led activities are planned with a purpose, to promote the children’s early literacy, mathematical, science and technology skills.

Activities are led by a qualified Early Years teacher who has generally had experience of teaching in a reception class. Age appropriate activities are planned for each session based around children’s needs, interests, talents and abilities. So, for our two to three-year olds the activities will be a gentle introduction, whilst for three- and four- year olds they will be planned to help prepare them for the next step- going to school.

the appropriate equipment to support learning. You will always find a mark making area with interesting and varied tools, a quiet reading area and specific activities planned to support phonics and introduce children to poems, rhyme and to encourage children to speak in groups Varied activities are planned to develop numeracy, an understanding of measure, patterning and shape and space.

It’s a place to perform safe, smelly and messy experiments and to learn about the world around us. Our children are introduced to many forms of ITC, technology and design including computers, electronic touch screens, educational software, communications, robotics, architecture and engineering. The Early Years and Discovery Studio is a place where children can ask questions, try things out, estimate and propose theories, plan and implement activities of their own choice too.

We make no promises that any children will leave us being able to write words or read but those that have an interest and who are able will do.

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181 Nether Street London N3 1NR

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