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Christmas Holidays Activity Ideas Day 5


Threading is an important skill for young children to master. It helps to develop hand eye co-ordination (the co-ordination of eye movement with hand movement) and fine motor skills, both of which are needed to control a pencil and write later in life. This activity also promotes the development of concentration skills.

Beads are available in different shapes and sizes for children to learn to thread but a great way of starting to learn the skill is to thread string through dried macaroni. It takes concentration and practice. Start by knotting your string around a piece of macaroni that will form the anchor. Show your child how to thread the string through the macaroni and then allow your child to experiment offering encouragement.

When the string has been fully threaded the macaroni could be painted in different colours. It could be made into a necklace for your child to wear, but ensure that you supervise your child to avoid any risk of strangulation.

Cranberries can be threaded to add to festive decorations. In the image below cranberries have been threaded on to thin floristry wire. Slices or orange which have been baked at a low temperature for 2-3 hours have been threaded between the cranberries.


When you are ready to take down your Christmas cards, don’t throw them away. Punch holes into them. Take a piece of wool and knot the end of the wool to secure it to the card and anchor it. Wrap a small piece of sellotape around one end of the wool to create a “needle”. Show your child how to thread it in and out of the holes, sewing the card. Encourage your child to copy and provide praise and support. This activity develops skills needed for both sewing and weaving.

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