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Choosing a suitable nursery for your child

Choosing a suitable nursery for your little one can be a stressful process and difficult task, especially if it’s the first time you’ll be apart from your child.

There’s probably a million concerns already running through your head – will your child be happy? Will the nursery cater for your child’s needs? Does the nursery have a good reputation? What if my child doesn’t like it?

There’s a lot to consider and, in the midst of these decisions, it’s highly likely that you will also have mixed emotions, making choosing the most suitable nursery even more difficult.

Whether you’re returning to work, or you simply want your little one to spend more time with children their own age, there are lots of reasons why parents decide to introduce their child to nursery life.

We’ve created a helpful guide outlining our top tips on helping you to choose a suitable nursery for your child.


Do your research

One of the best ways to find out more about a nursery is by reading their Ofsted reports online, which will instantly give you a reliable insight into the quality of the nursery.

You should also spend some time reading reviews and checking out forums on mummy blogger sites! This type of first hand information can prove invaluable when it comes to building a picture of the nurseries on your short list.



One of the best ways of learning more about a nursery and its reputation is to ask your friends, family and neighbours for recommendations! This will give you a well-informed insight into the most suitable nursery for your child.


Arrange a visit

Once you have your short list, it’s definitely worthwhile visiting the nursery as they will give you an opportunity to check out the nursery’s facilities, check out the environment, talk to staff, ask any questions about the nursery’s policies and learn more about how the nursery operates.

Here at Finchley Preschool, we are more than happy for both parents and children to visit our nursery, and a member of our team is always on hand to answer any of the questions that you might have.

Prior to your visit, we’d recommend bringing along this handy check list, which will help with the decision process when it comes deciding whether Finchley Preschool is right for you and you child.


Use our Nursery Visit Checklist

  • Yes/No Comment
  • First contact with nursery
  • Was the phone answered quickly when you called?
  • Was the person you spoke to friendly and helpful?
  • If you left a message was your call returned in a timely manner?
  • If you requested information did you receive it?
  • How do you feel at this stage about the nursery?
  • Visit to the nursery
  • Were you warmly greeted on arrival?
  • What security arrangements are available at the nursery to keep your child safe?
  • Were you met and greeted by the manager or deputy?
  • Did they answer any questions you had?
  • Did the person showing you around seem knowledgeable?
  • Were they interested in you and your child?
  • Were you given all the information you needed on your visit?
  • Did the entrance to the nursery give a good impression?
  • Was the nursery clean and well organised?
  • Were the rooms bright and airy?
  • Were the displays of children’s work appealing?
  • Did the equipment look clean and in good order?
  • When you entered rooms were the children engaged in play or activities with staff?
  • Did the staff seem interested in the children in the nursery? Were they talking to them and engaging with them?
  • Did the activities that the children were doing seem age appropriate, interesting and stimulating?
  • How do the nursery assess children’s progress and development and share the information with you?
  • Does the nursery have an outdoor play area and is it well equipped?
  • Do the menus and meals served appear to be nutritious and appealing?
  • Can the nursery provide for specific dietary requirements?
  • What percentage of the nursery team is fully qualified?
  • How many staff has first aid qualifications?
  • Does the nursery employ any qualified teachers and what roles do they have?
  • What percentage of the children get into the school of their choice when they leave the nursery?
  • Did you come out of the nursery feeling confident enough to leave your child in the care of the nursery team?
  • Did you come out of the nursery feeling that you could relate to and interact well with the Manager/Deputy on a daily basis?
  • Interaction after your visit
  • Did the nursery keep in touch with you?
  • Was any further information requested forwarded?
  • Were you invited back to the nursery for a stay and play?
  • Do the nursery fees appear to represent value for money?
  • Are the nursery fees inclusive of everything or do you need to provide/pay for any extras?




Here at Finchley Preschool, we always go above and beyond to ensure that you always have the information you need to make the best choice for you and your Child. From helping your child settle in through to helping you to deal with separation anxiety, we fully understand that settling your child into nursery life can be a daunting prospect, and we make it our mission to make the entire process as stress free as possible.

And, if you do decide that Finchley PreSchool is right for your child, you’ll be pleased to hear that the registration process is incredibly quick and easy!

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