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Recommended Children’s Summer Books

Children’s Book Recommendations

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with your little ones and enjoying a good book together.

Whether you love nothing more than reading to your children in the sunshine on a summer’s day or a bedtime story is an integral part of your nightly bedtime routine, reading is not only a great way to bond with your children but it is also a core component of their development.

Here at Finchley Preschool, we believe that reading is integral to every child’s development, especially when it comes to igniting their imagination, improving language skills and broadening their knowledge. With this in mind, we read to all of our children regularly.

Here’s a round up of our favourite recommended summer books, which are suitable for two to five year olds.


Rosie’s Hat by Julia Donaldson and Anna Currey

Here at Finchley Preschool, we like to buy books that all age groups will enjoy, in different ways and Rosie’s Hat is certainly one of those books.

Perfect for children who are aged two and above, this story, with illustrations, is based on Rosie’s hat, which blows off her head and eventually leads to the rescue of a cat from a tree.

On each page, lines such as “Patter, Patter! Squeak, Squeak!” instantly spark engagement and young children love the repetition and rhymes featured throughout the book. As a result, children who are aged three plus find it easy to read the story due to the repeated refrains, which they will get to know off by heart. The book can be picked up again when children are learning to read at school as the sentences are short, simple and there are illustrations on each page which offer clues to the text, making this a good book for early readers.

But that’s not all… there is so much to discuss throughout this book and children never get bored of hearing this engaging and interactive story, which they learn to repeat back to you when reading!

The story is simple yet extremely effective when it comes to capturing the imagination of young minds.


Farm Babies by Rod Campbell

Rod Campbell is a Scottish author who has written and illustrated many great books for children of this age group and Farm Babies is a fantastic example of Campbell’s ability to spark the imagination of young and growing minds.

This touch and feel book is no exception. Taking children on an exciting journey around the farm yard, children are introduced to a whole host of farm animals, in a way that encourages children to interact with the farm animals they meet throughout the book by touching and feeling their different textures.

But that’s not all…children are also encouraged to count the animals they meet along the way, which stretches and challenges the slightly older children. So, young babies can enjoy the textures, the bright colours and beautiful, simple illustrations, and slightly older children can count the animals and new readers can read the story thanks to the clear clues in the illustrations.



Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes by Helen Oxenbury and Mem Fox

Here at Finchley Preschool, this is one of our all-time favourite books for young children. Almost every child we have read this book to has thoroughly enjoyed it.

Helen Oxenbury is a renowned British children’s author and this book tells the story of babies born around the world who all are the same in having “as everyone knows ten little fingers and ten little toes”.

The repetition throughout the book instantly captivates young children who respond to familiar experiences and words, and the book us bursting with happy positive messages and a surprise at the end with the introduction of “my” baby.

What are your favourite summer reads? We’d love to hear your recommendations!

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