Our Art Studio is an exciting place and is led by our fully qualified Art Teacher. This is where our children have the opportunity to Explore | Discover | Create | Learn. The West Finchley Preschool’s Art curriculum offers exciting opportunities to learn about many different artists and to experiment with contrasting techniques such as object manipulation, collage, painting, drawing, sculpture and weaving.

Our art teachers plan exclusive learning experiences based on the children’s interests, so they can support the development of the whole child, they also involve all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Learning activities involving light and colour support mathematical and early science development, whilst through most art activities children will be developing fine motor control and hand-eye coordination skills, which will support mark making and writing. Visual arts engage children in kinaesthetic, visual, spatial, logical and emotional activities.

We start from the children’s current interests which we broadly link to the works of an artist, we might use the works of Mondrian to explore geometry and mathematical shapes, for example. The works of Filippo Lippi might be the springboard to exploring perspective and spatial placement. The works of Picasso and Durer could help us to look at our emotions and feelings and see how we see ourselves in a mirror, how our face is arranged, and what happens if you put your nose on the side of your face? Whenever appropriate we take our children to art exhibitions so they can see the work of artists’ first-hand and enjoy the experience of an outing with a group of nursery children.

Our annual art exhibition includes work by all our children highlighting their talents and abilities. Works of art are sold to our families with the proceeds being donated to a charity of the nursery’s choice. Most recently our Art Exhibitions have been inspired by Frida Kahlo and Yayoi Kusama